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flip, toss - lightly throw to discover which side will come up; "I do not know what to do--I'll as well flip a coin!"

swing about, swing all around, turn about - convert abruptly and facial area one other way, possibly physically or metaphorically; "He rotated to face his opponent"; "My conscience instructed me to show all over just before I produced a mistake"

They decide to flip the enjoying fields right into a carpark → Ils prévoient de transformer les terrains de jeu en parkings.

gyration, revolution, rotation - a single comprehensive convert (axial or orbital); "the aircraft manufactured 3 rotations ahead of it crashed"; "the revolution of the earth regarding the Sunlight will take a person calendar year"

transform - a brief theatrical effectiveness that is a component of a longer application; "he did his act three times each and every evening"; "she experienced a catchy minimal program"; "it was among the finest figures he ever did"

convert - lead to (a plastic object) to suppose a crooked or angular variety; "bend the rod"; "twist the dough right into a braid"; "the strong gentleman could transform an iron bar"

ferment, operate - lead to to bear fermentation; "We ferment the grapes for an exceptionally while to achieve higher alcohol content material"; "The vintner labored the wine in massive oak vats"

= form Wooden → drechseln; metallic, pot → drehen; a properly-turned sentence → ein gut formulierter Satz; a well-turned leg → ein wohlgeformtes Bein

These verbs signify to maneuver a in circle. Flip and circle are the most normal: The mechanic produced confident the wheels turned thoroughly. Seagulls circled higher than the ocean. Rotate refers to movement all around an item's have axis or center: Earth rotates on its axis at the time each day.

trick - (card games) in only one spherical, the sequence of playing cards played by all the players; the superior card is definitely the winner

three. A location, as in a road or route, exactly where a alter in route takes place; a curve: a pointy turn in the highway.

turn - bring about to alter or check these guys out change into a little something different;presume new properties; "The princess turned the frog into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists tried to flip direct into gold"

one particular immediately after A different, in typical buy. They answered the Instructor's inquiries in turn. beurtelings بالمُقابِل по ред sucessivamente postupně der Reihe nach efter tur με τη σειρά, διαδοχικά por turnos, sucesivamente järjekorras, vaheldumisi به نوبت vuorotellen à tour de rôle עַל פִּי הַתוֹר बारी-बारी से naizmjenice sorjában, felváltva bergiliran hver á eftir öðrum, í réttri röð a turno 順番に 차례로, 번갈아 paeiliui viens pēc otra; pēc kārtas mengikut giliran om de beurti tur og orden po kolei په نوبت sucessivamente pe rând по очереди postupne zaporedoma redom i tur och ordning, växelvis เป็นลำดับ sırayla 依次(輪流) по черзі باري باري lần lượt 依次(轮流)

= improve of course in road → Kurve file; (Sport) → Wende file; watch out for a sharp flip in the road → move auf, wo die Straße eine scharfe Kurve macht; take the left-hand transform → biegen Sie one-way links ab; “no still left flip” → „Linksabbiegen verboten“; to help make a switch to the still left (driver, vehicle) → nach backlinks abbiegen; (highway also) → eine Linkskurve machen; to produce a turn to port (Naut) → nach Backbord abdrehen; the Canadian swimmer manufactured the better switch → der kanadische Schwimmer wendete besser; he receives his horse to create an exceedingly tight convert → er wendet sein Pferd sehr eng ? around the flip (= transforming) the leaves are around the convert → die Blätter werden gelb; the tide is around the switch (lit) → die Ebbe/Flut setzt ein, die See ist im Stau (spec); their fortunes may be on the change → ihr Glück könnte sich wandeln; the economy is within the convert → die Wirtschaft steht vor einem Umschwung ? to take a switch (for) items took a convert for the higher/the worse → die Dinge wendeten sich zum Guten/zum Schlechten; the client took a flip for your worse/the greater → das Befinden des Patienten wendete sich zum Schlechteren/zum Besseren; issues took a different switch → die Dinge nahmen eine neue Wendung; gatherings took a tragic convert → die Dinge nahmen einen tragischen or verhängnisvollen Verlauf ? flip of + noun in the turn on the century → um die Jahrhundertwende; within the change with the 18th century → an der or um die Wende des eighteen.

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